God speaks continually to people even though they do not listen. Isaiah the prophet was commissioned to speak to a people who would keep on listening but would not perceive (Isaiah 6). Daniel spoke to a king who heard his warnings, his words but did nothing to change his ways (Daniel 4). When we hear warnings but nothing happens (quickly) we assume the warning was not for us, not about us, not going to happen to us. Then what seems like it was without notice, what we were warned about comes upon us.

Grace is currency, currency is time, and God gives us time to repent, time to turn our hearts to Him, time to make amends with Him and others. But if we ignore His nudgings, His warninings, His words that come through others it will seem like suddenly, without notice, all of the sudden the “hammer” drops and many people are going to be angry thinking they were not told, not warned, not prepared. But the truth is, they were, they are being warned right now, being told from pulpits to podiums about what is fast approaching. We can’t just be hearers for the sake of hearing, we must listen, observe, meditate on what God is saying and doing for we are in the middle of the most significant change this generation has ever known.

I am sharing this with you, because the Lord is circling back around again to say, “Big trees are about to fall down!” Yes this is the word of the Lord, listen to Isaiah 6:13 “Like a terebinth or an oak whose stump remains when it is felled (chopped down). The holy seed is in the stump.” Hear what Daniel 4:13-15 “I was looking in the vision in my mind as I lay on my bed, and behold, an angelic watcher, a holy one, descended from heaven. He shouted out and spoke as follows: Chop down the tree and cut off its branches, strip off its foliage and scatter its fruit; Let the beasts flee from under it and the birds from its branches. Yet leave the stump with its roots in the ground, but with a band of iron and bronze around it.”

“Big trees are about to fall!” Big trees are big names you and I know. Big trees have been blocking our view of God in our land. Big trees have been ooohhed and aaahhhed over by many people. Big trees are about to fall. You will see it, you will hear it, I am telling you ahead of time says the Lord. “Big trees are about to fall!” The Lord is telling us so we are not shocked or surprised. Many are going to feel lost because they looked to these big trees to provide for them, protect them, not knowing they were not for them.

My heart is saddened by this, for they have been warned many times and chose to ignore the pleading of the Lord. Yes these people, though many are unbelievers to the eyes of man, have heard the voice of God but refused to change for the price was too high for them to pay. This will not be a time to rejoice at their fall, but a time to remember God desires that none should perish and all come to repentance. This is going to be hard for many, but may result in the salvation of some, for the holy seed is in the stump.