In John chapter 3 Jesus had a conversation with a man named Nicodemus, a teacher in Israel, a Pharisee. Jesus said to him that he was surprised Nicodemus did not understand what it meant to be born again. He even went on to say, you being a teacher in Israel should know this. Jesus said this to him because being a teacher in Israel meant they knew the Old Testament word of God. The greatest gift that Jesus brought to the religious system was old testament truths that they would have known in a fresh way. Jesus actually gave them understanding into things that they had heard but never understood.

What I see coming to the religious system in America, to churches across this country, and the world, and to pulpits all over the nation and the world is men and women that are going to take the truths of both the Old and New Testament and bring the revelation of Jesus Christ. It is going to produce a great awakening like we’ve never seen before.

Here is the Old Testament scripture Jesus was expecting Nicodemus to know when he told him about being born again. Psalm 87:4-6 ”God says, “I tell of some who know Me in Egypt and Babylon;
behold, My people are in Philistia, Tyre, and Ethiopia too: This person was born there.’”
It is said of Zion, This person and that person were born in her.” The Most High God has established that city and makes her strong. When keeping track of His people, the Eternal surely notices, This one was born in Zion.” My friends everything is about to come alive!