Humanity without humility is why familiarity causes us to lose respect for those that we used to respect from a distance. The closer we get to someone, the more of their humanity we see in them, but if that humanity is coupled with humility, we are able to still respect them. Their humanity is not what ends up bothering us, it is their lack of humility that causes us to lose our respect for them and in turn they lose their influence over our lives. Everyone is human, but not everyone is humble.

Last night, Pastor Kathy Gray preached on the hooks that are in our lives and that if we do not get the hooks out, no matter how we cover them up, bury them, or try to ignore them, they will raise their ugly head and eventually pull us away from the body of Christ. She called out some very specific hooks that people have and she showed us biblical examples of those who have hooks. It was a powerful teaching and she did it so well, I will not even attempt to re-preach it on here, you will need to get the message from World Revival Church. However, what struck me is how she said, pride was Lucifer’s hook, based on Isaiah 14 and how this is his primary hook that he puts in our lives as people. As I was searching my heart to find the hook that has me, I realized that I have self-harm issues, self-protection problems and when I stripped it all away, it came down to having the hook of pride. Pride was the driving spirit behind these more obvious issues I struggle with. People that know me close or far away can see self-protection, or self-harm if they know what to look for. So, we got rid of the pride last night. Now this is not a one off situation, this is going to be a daily dying to self, which is the standing on pride so it cannot rise in my life and hook me again.

My humanity is real and people can see my humanity, but if I allow humility my humility to be as easy to notice as my humanity, it is easier for people to continue their respect of me, even when they see my humanity. The thing we love about Jesus is that he was one with us in His humanity, but His humility which produced His humanity makes us stand amazed at who He is. We can become more like Christ, not by acting like we are not human, but living in humility, admitting our mistakes, confessing our sins, and taking the first step toward reconciliation. When we do this, people will see our humanity cloaked in humility.

“There is something in humility which strangely exalts the heart.”
Saint Augustine